The People's Key comes from humble beginnings. The band members all met through the weekly bluegrass pick in Frisco throughout 2019. The lead guitarist, Dan, had been leading that pick for awhile and has been playing in Summit County with various projects for about 10 years. He's recognizable, a family man, and is the glue that holds it all together. Lauren, our lead singer, decided to try out the pick one week and she and Dan decided their harmonies were (and are!) well... harmonious. Glenn Z Reynolds - that's Glenn with two N's people! - is the standup bass player and would bring new jams to try at the pick, along with an unwavering sense of optimismĀ and a penchant for "any kind of beer that's dark". The most recent recruit, Matt, has put in countless hours learning to slay on that banjo and his funky licks and drivin' beat really round out the bluegrass sound. From breweries, to backyard parties, patios and weddings, The People's Key is honing their sound and working to expand their reach by showcasing fun, professionalism, and expertise on their strings.